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Authored by financial services leader Harry N. Stout, the FinancialVerse book series and content provide a much needed roadmap of what to expect in our financial lives and the financial products available to reduce risks consumers face.


Harry is available for web events, training sessions and media appearances of all types. He brings his experience as an accomplished speaker, educator and industry leader to make personal finance matters easy to understand and act upon. To book Harry just send an inquiry using the Contact Us tab.


Discover the misunderstood cash power of deferred annuities.

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A NEW book from the FinancialVerse can help improve money skills in just 17 minutes per day.


15 money tips to share with teenagers that can help boost their financial knowledge.

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Advice on managing monthly subscriptions is featured in 5 Money Habits to Master in Your 20s Without Sacrificing Your Coffee Budget.


The FinancialVerse Guide to Savings – 600 Practical Cash Saving Ideas hits PR Newswire.

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The importance of annuity education is featured in the Insured Retirement Institute SmartBrief.


Making employer 401(k) contributions mandatory.

How the annuity value pie is divided into three pieces.

Guaranty funds are one of the best kept secrets in the life and annuity insurance industry.

It’s time to rename retirement to be the Fulfilling stage of life.

The FinancialVerse: Today's Life Insurance – A Protection Tool for Your Future has been featured in ThinkAdvisor's life insurance product and market news.

Why consumers need a financial safety mask and the six key dimensions to improving financial success and security. 

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How to Keep Your Financial Planning on Track in 2021 discusses the importance of financial literacy in improving money management.

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How to avoid adding to credit card debt when budgeting for the year.

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The FinancialVerse: Today’s Annuity Products - A Tool to Create Protected Lifetime Income explores the many benefits of these long-term retirement savings products.


The FinancialVerse: Today's Life Insurance – A Protection Tool for Your Future presents a clear path to follow in purchasing life insurance coverage. 


Money Q&A discusses how improving financial literacy can help people from leaking valuable cash.

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