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and Outs of ANNUITIES


“Annuity products are great tools to help generate the income Americans need to fund their spending as they age.  They are misunderstood and misrepresented in the financial media.  With my over 20-years’ experience with this financial product, I wrote this book to give potential buyers an objective source of information to understand annuity products."


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Today's retirees are facing a substantial challenge, having retirement income that lasts as long as they do. With a continuing increase in lifespans, the time spent in retirement can be lengthy. This is why a diverse retirement plan is essential to ensuring you have the savings you need to live a long life.

Lifetime Spending with Annuities

The FinancialVerse: Today’s Annuity Products - A Tool to Create Protected Lifetime Income explores the many benefits of these long-term retirement savings products and how they can help protect you from outliving your money. 

​Today’s Annuity Products explains the different types of annuities, discusses what to keep in mind when purchasing the product and helps answer key questions, including:

  • What Are Annuities and How Do They Work? 

  • The Core Benefits of Annuities

  • Annuity Income Tax Benefits and Negatives

  • Annuity Product Types

  • Why Buy An Annuity?

  • The Major Positives and Negatives to Buying Annuities

  • How Much Income Should I Plan For?

  • Financial Strength Behind the Products

  • Where to Buy and the Buying Process

  • Your Next Steps

  • Final Thoughts / Should You Buy An Annuity?

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Check out Understanding Annuities to learn about the history of annuities, their pro's and con's, the various types, and why people include them in their portfolios.

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