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Welcome to the FinancialVerse!  We are dedicated to improving your financial knowledge and literacy. The financial universe or the FinancialVerse, as author Harry N. Stout has named it, is made up of the knowledge, decisions, resources, risks, and tools that an individual encounters in their life’s financial journey.  Harry believes that most people, regardless of their economic background and level of education, do not fundamentally understand the financial matters such that they can successfully navigate the key financial decisions and risks they will face in life.  Harry has stated that if armed with at least a basic knowledge of what they will encounter and how to go about making informed decisions individuals will achieve a level of success well beyond what they thought possible.  In the The FinancialVerse books and MoneySavers posts , Harry presents information, practical knowledge, and a framework to help the reader understand what a financial life looks like, the key challenges likely to be encountered, and where to look for help in making decisions.


Given our rapidly changing world, the revolution impacting work, lengthening life spans, and today’s major economic trends - navigating the FinancialVerse is more difficult than ever before.  To be successful in whatever the current stage of your financial life you find yourself, you must have with an understanding of what you are looking to achieve.  As Stephen Covey has stated in his book the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” – you must begin with the end in mind.  It is never too late to get started on improving your knowledge of and relationship with money.  You can improve your journey and make it more successful with that success defined by you. Reading and understanding the lessons learned and information provided by the FinancialVerse will help achieve these goals.

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