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156- New Book Explores the Benefits of Annuities

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Learn about the power of guaranteed lifetime income

Consumers are facing an income crisis and are scrambling to generate income from their accumulated assets. With low interest rates, there are few places to look to generate protected lifetime income streams. The most misunderstood and underutilized available products are annuities. Annuities are great tools to help generate the income Americans need to fund their spending as they age, but research has shown that one of the major reasons consumers overlook annuities is that they don't understand the products.

In my new book, The FinancialVerse: Today's Annuities − A Tool to Create Protected Lifetime Income, I explore the many benefits of annuities and how these retirement savings products can help protect you from outliving your money. The book provides an easy-to-follow roadmap on the key questions surrounding annuity products, including:

  • What Are Annuities and How Do They Work?

  • The Core Benefits of Annuities

  • Annuity Income Tax Benefits and Negatives

  • Annuity Product Types

  • Why Buy An Annuity?

  • The Major Positives and Negatives to Buying Annuities

  • How Much Income Should I Plan For?

  • Financial Strength Behind the Products

  • Where To Buy and The Buying Process

The FinancialVerse: Today's Annuities can be ordered at and through Amazon and major national book distributors.

Thanks again for your interest in improving your financial knowledge!

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