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115- Happy Anniversary

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

We made it. It is the first anniversary of the FinancialVerse and we wanted to thank you for your support and continued reading of our content.

During our first year, we published two books: The FinancialVerse – A Common Sense Approach for Your Money and The FinancialVerse – Today’s Life Insurance – A Protection Tool for Your Future. If you have not bought a copy, please do, as they were written to help you in your daily financial lives. We also issued over 70 MoneySaver posts with ideas and commentary to help you deal with the financial realities of today’s crazy world.

We also added two great guest contributors in Paul Werlin with his comments on the investment world and Michele Burkholder with her insights on women’s financial issues and the realities of financial planning. Look for additional contributors to be added in the months ahead.

Our posts are now received by over 1000 people each week. You can subscribe to our free, twice per week MoneySaver posts directly on the website. Or you can follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and now on Twitter @financial_verse. Please know that we do not sell your contact information to any other organization. Our goal is to provide you with personal financial information you can use. If you can, we would appreciate you forwarding our content to friends and connections that you believe could benefit from what we produce. Nationally, I have appeared on a growing number of personal finance podcasts, these programs can be found on our website.

In the fall, we will publish the third book in the FinancialVerse series on Today’s Annuity Products.

Again, we thank you for tuning into our content and working to improve your personal financial knowledge. You can always reach us with ideas and questions using the contact us tab of the website.

Thanks so much for your readership. We look forward to a great second year ahead.

- Harry Stout

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