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322- Where to Find a Remote Job

COVID-19 challenged and changed the paradigm as to where people could work effectively, while at the same time improving the quality of their personal lives. We went from daily commutes to our office to a leisurely walk to our home offices and/or living room couches. In my opinion remote work is here to stay. Workers now have more options on how to work, where to live and how to structure their daily lives. I believe remote work is now part of the new normal for companies. Some recent surveys support my beliefs:

  • In a recent survey done with the US Chamber of Commerce, 36% of middle-market companies reported having remote employees in Q4 of 2021 who weren’t remote pre-COVID. Nearly half of the companies polled said they’ve provided permanent full-time remote options, with another 42% considering the opportunity.

  • A survey of remote workers by GitLab reported that 1 in 3 respondents would quit their job if remote working was no longer an option, and 52% would consider leaving their co-located company for a remote role. 80% said they would recommend remote working to a friend, and 82% claimed that remote work is the way of the future.

The reality is that remote work is changing where people live and how companies hire for new positions. For employees, this means that their home locations are less and less determined by their work locations. It’s now possible to get big-city work in small-town locales. This trend has the potential to revitalize some of those smaller towns and cities with new skills and increased cash flow. This trend has led to the creation of “Zoom Towns”.

Where Do You Find Remote Jobs?

If you want to go remote, you need to find a remote job. To help you find that ideal remote job the team from has offered FinancialVerse subscribers a compilation of 60 of the best remote websites to aid in your job search. Click here to benefit from their extensive research. You can also find this compilation in the Resource tab of the FinancialVerse website.


The pandemic has broken the old adage that all work had to be done in the office. Today almost a third of all jobs are done on a remote basis. In my opinion as time goes on and technology continues to improve, more and more jobs will move to be remote or at a minimum hybrid arrangements. This presents you with the opportunity you have always wanted to live where you want. Look into it, it may change your life for the better.


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