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192- Save $600 Per Year in Household Expenses

Today we are proud to announce that the fourth book in the FinancialVerse series has been published. The FinancialVerse Guide to Savings – 600 Practical Cash Savings Ideas is now available for Print ($16.99) or eBook ($3.99) directly from the FinancialVerse website or from major national book distributors.

600 Practical Cash Saving Ideas explores:

- The impact of the pandemic on savings

- What questions to ask yourself about money

- Where to look for cost savings

- Proven ways to help you save money on:

  • Big purchases

  • Childcare

  • Cleaning

  • Clothing

  • Food

  • College funding

  • Housing and utilities

  • Entertainment

  • Gifting

  • Healthcare

  • Income taxes

  • Insurance

  • Subscriptions

  • Technology

  • Transportation

  • Travel

  • Moving costs

  • Weddings

600 Practical Cash Saving Ideas also provides:

  • Tips for finding coupons and discounts

  • Ideas for managing credit cards and improving your credit score

  • Techniques for tackling debt

  • Ways to improve your financial wellness and knowledge

  • Guidance on maximizing investments and savings

  • Useful spending habits

This new book is ideal as a gift for friends or family. If you're looking to save cash, check out 600 Practical Cash Savings Ideas today!

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