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174- New Book Looks to Save Households $600 Per Year

The FinancialVerse Guide to Savings – 600 Practical Cash Saving Ideas, the fourth release in the FinancialVerse series of personal finance books, is a must read for individuals who wish to understand where to look to save money on their household budgets.

In times of pandemic-influenced economic uncertainty, learning how to live with less, while still enjoying life, is an exercise worth practicing. Making changes to household cash budgets and expenses and learning how to save money takes time. The key is knowing where to look to find savings— helping to keep more cash in your pocket. Cash Savings provides practical suggestions for where you should look for savings as part of your day-to-day life.

For most households, I believe they will find at least $600 in annual savings.

600 Practical Cash Saving Ideas explores:

  • The impact of the pandemic on your savings

  • Questions to ask yourself about money

  • Tips for finding coupons and discounts

  • Ideas for managing credit cards, tackling debt and improving credit scores

  • Proven ways to help save money on: - Income taxes - Clothing, food, transportation, cleaning - Childcare, college funding - Housing, utilities, moving costs - Entertainment, gifting, big purchases - Healthcare, insurance - Technology, travel, subscriptions

The book is priced at $16.99 for print and only $3.99 for the eBook and can be ordered online at The FinancialVerse or through Amazon and major national book distributors.

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