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ToDay's Life Insurance 
Many Americans have no understanding of today's life insurance products and the valuable benefits they have to offer. In most cases, people don't fully understand how to protect themselves against the financial risks they face using life insurance. They are not informed about how life insurance can help protect their financial futures and the process of purchasing life insurance. This book walks you through the entire process in an easy to understand manner. The FinancialVerse: Today's Life Insurance - A Protection Tool for Your Future is an excellent reference work to help you though the misunderstood world of life insurance.


A Common Sense approach for YOUR money
Authored by financial services leader Harry N. Stout, the FinancialVerse provides a much needed roadmap of what to expect in our financial lives. This starts in our Adulting Stage, to working in the Striving Stage to the final or Fulfilling Stage of later life. Harry acts as your guide and spells out, in a very understandable way, what the risks, opportunities and key decisions the reader will need to make as they move through each stage. He explores what it is like to make decisions influenced by today’s technology, economic trends, and work opportunities.

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