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27- FinancialVerse Moneysavers

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

This week we have three very interesting posts on spending-related topics. In the FinancialVerse, we emphasize that achieving positive cash flow as the key to achieving financial security. These articles cover various topics relating to budgeting, spending and cash management and present valuable solutions. We think you'll find the practical information is consistent with the ideas and information we have presented in our FinancialVerse books and Moneysavers. Enjoy!

This post discusses how spending awareness is a major building block to improving your success with money. It presents how a financial planner uses an old school approach, that we have promoted in the FinancialVerse, to help a young client.

This article from Maurie Backman of The Motley Fool presents some practical ideas on how to get your cash budget back on track.

This post discusses a new book that addresses money disorders and how they keep individuals from having the financial success they desire.


As we have indicated to our readers, The FinancialVerse has been developed to offer books and money saving ideas that provide useful, easy-to-digest information on:

  • General financial matters

  • Risk identification

  • Insurance protection products available

  • Information to improve financial awareness

  • Debt management ideas and resources

  • Materials that support consumers getting financial advice

We help to identify life’s financial challenges and provide suggested resources that you can pursue to educate yourself. The content is focused on consumer education and does not promote any particular product, service or company.

If you value the content we provide, please subscribe to our free Moneysavers. We will notify you each time a new post is added to the site. Also, if you have a question you want answered, please send it to us using the Contact Us tab on our website. Thanks again for your interest in improving your financial knowledge.

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