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23- FinancialVerse Moneysavers

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Each week as we research content for the FinancialVerse books and Moneysavers posts we read articles, blogs, and magazines looking for information that could help our readers. We also listen to numerous podcasts and radio programs. We thought it would be a great idea if we could share with you three of the best sources we have come across that week. We want you to spend two hours per week on your financial education and we'll help you do this on a regular basis.

Here are 3 great pieces we came across that you might find interesting:

In the FinancialVerse, we believe it is important to get advice about the key financial issues you are facing. The first step is doing so is to have the courage to set an appointment. In this article, you can read about a young, 24-year-old recent college graduate who made the correct decision to get some financial help. Her story is like many others, it describes a very practical situation.

This is a second article from Business Insider on seeing a financial planner. It highlights that high earners and young people alike can benefit from professional financial planning advice. In the FinancialVerse, it is of utmost importance to get the right advice to run your financial life.

This piece by Maurie Backman discusses the financial state of the Social Security system and what benefits can be expected in the future. One key point that is emphasized is one we have made in the FinancialVerse – A Common Sense Approach for Your Money and that is for most people Social Security is only designed to replace 40% of their pre-retirement earnings. This low replacement percentage is a shock to many people.


As we have indicated to our readers, The FinancialVerse has been developed to offer books and money saving ideas that provide useful, easy to digest information on :

  • General financial matters

  • Risk identification

  • Insurance protection products available

  • Information to improve financial awareness

  • Debt management ideas and resources

  • Materials that support consumers getting financial advice

We help to identify life’s financial challenges and provide suggested resources that you can pursue to educate yourself. The content is focused on consumer education and does not promote any particular product, service or company.

If you value the content we provide, please subscribe to our free Moneysavers. We will notify you each time a new post is added to the site. Also, if you have a question you want answered, please send it to us using the Contact Us tab on our website.Thanks again for your interest in improving your financial knowledge.

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