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244- FinancialVerse Publishes a New Book and Introduces the FinancialVerse Podcast

Today we are pleased to announce two additions to the FinancialVerse: a new book and a bi-weekly podcast. We’ve added the podcast at the request of subscribers who wish to boost their financial knowledge while on the go. Each week, we will continue to add blog posts and at least two new podcast episodes to help you make the most of your financial journey.

Good Money Habits in 17 Minutes Per Day -The Little Green Money Book

Americans spend just over 2 minutes per day managing their financial affairs. At the same time, they spend over 2 hours per day on social media. This time difference reflects how most people prioritize money matters. As Harry has written in his books and blog, this lack of dedicated time to making their money lives better is increasing household stress and anxiety levels.

In the newest FinancialVerse book, Good Money Habits in 17 Minutes Per Day, Harry asks individuals to dedicate 2 hours per week to improve their money practices. The book can help you understand what to expect in your financial life, the challenges you may face and how to seek out financial advice.

The book teaches 10 money habits with practical examples that can help improve your relationship with money. These 10 habits include:

1. Develop a Personal Money Mindset

2. Develop Reflective Practices

3. Live Within Your Means

4. Work to Save At Least 10% of Your Pre-tax Income

5. Never Stop Learning About Money

6. Use Technology to Automate Your Money

7. Make Savings a Priority

8. Monitor Your Credit Scores

9. Look to Save on Recurring Purchases

10. Celebrate and Spoil Yourself for Reaching a Goal or Achieving a Milestone

Good Money Habits simplifies the complex world of personal finance and distills it into an easy-to-understand discussion of what money habits and knowledge are needed to achieve basic financial security. You’ll gain actions and resources you can use to rapidly improve your financial situation. You can order your copy at the FinancialVerse website and through Amazon and major national book distributors. $9.99 print and $3.99 eBook.

The FinancialVerse Podcast

The FinancialVerse podcast has been created as a resource to inform and educate Americans about the key aspects of money. My goal is to identify life’s financial challenges and provide suggested resources that can help boost your financial knowledge and literacy. The content is focused on consumer education and does not promote any particular product, service or company. The podcast looks to improve your money mindset and help you develop new positive habits.

By tuning in to each easy-to-understand episode, you’ll gain a new approach to managing financial affairs in the reset pandemic world. Each 7-to-10-minute episode has been designed to fit into busy lifestyles and highlights money trends and developments for listeners to use. It has been designed to appeal to individuals, financial professionals and those in the educational field looking to improve and grow their knowledge of money.

The FinancialVerse podcast is sponsored by BetterWealth. BetterWealth’s mission is to unlock intentional living by helping individuals better manage their money. To find out more about Better Wealth go to

Episodes are now available on most major podcast platforms!


We are very pleased with these two new additions to the FinancialVerse. We encourage you to subscribe to the podcast and to ask members of your personal community who could benefit from improving their knowledge of money to do the same.

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