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53- 2020: The Year You Improve Your Money Life

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

I am back after the New Year’s break with my family and ready to start the new year. As my kids have aged, we have started going away for either Christmas or New Year's and making the holiday an experience for everyone. This year we spent New Year's in Key West, Florida.

In my free time, I read posts and listened to podcasts on a variety of subjects. The theme of most of these sources was to tell me what I should do or not do to make my life better in the new year. The sources looked to make me a better parent, husband, uncle, friend or businessperson. While their intent was a positive one, in many cases the information provided was not as actionable as I would have liked. In reality, there was only so much self- improvement talk I could absorb.

I decided that for my first post of 2020, I'd deliver as simple a message as possible. I want to help you make 2020 the year you improve your money life. I will try my best to make the FinancialVerse posts easy to read and implement. To help you improve, we will send 2 posts per week to each of you who have subscribed to our Moneysavers. Each Wednesday, we will send you what we are calling a specific Cash Tip aimed at saving you money or helping you earn more. Each Friday, we will send you a post on a topic of current financial interest or an educational item. You need to know that we spend significant time researching our posts and trying to make them as topical as possible to help you deal with current developments in the FinancialVerse.

We do have one favor ask of you. If you find our posts beneficial, please feel free to forward them to your friends and associates and ask them to subscribe to our content. During 2020 we will be publishing at least two new FinancialVerse books along with our weekly content. We know that most people could benefit from the information we provide. Please remember, we do not sell our subscriber list to any source nor do we send you any content that is not directly from us.

As we begin 2020 I want to thank all of you who read our Moneysavers posts and who have purchased the FinancialVerse – A Common Sense Approach for Your Money. By taking these actions you are taking steps to improve your financial knowledge and money skills. Over time this information will help you make better money decisions.


The FinancialVerse works to help you identify life’s financial challenges and provide suggested resources that you can pursue to educate yourself. The content is focused on consumer education and does not promote any particular product, service or company.

If you value the content we provide, please follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our free Moneysavers. We will notify you each time a new post is added to the site. Also, if you have a question you want answered, please send it to us using the Contact Us tab on our website.

Thanks again for your interest in improving your financial knowledge.

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