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At the FinancialVerse Organization, we work to make personal finance understandable for people of all ages.  Here's what we offer:

  • We are dedicated to educating individuals on personal finance matters.

  • All of our content is written for you in clear, understandable language.

  • The author and editor of this site, Harry N. Stout, brings his over 35 years of practical financial industry experience to help you improve your financial knowledge.

  • We offer a free weekly subscription of Moneysavers.  This subscription brings you ideas, tools and resources to make your financial life better and more stress-free.

  • We sell easy-to-read books that improve your money knowledge and reduce financial stress and anxiety. The first is now available for $16.95 print and $7.95 eBook by purchasing through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and most all major national book distributors.

We do all of this because most Americans have had no formal personal finance education or have not kept up to date with the new technologically-driven world of finance that we live in.

We are here to help you improve your financial knowledge and literacy.

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Please Read Before You Proceed

The information presented in the FinancialVerse books and Moneysavers has been written to present financial concepts, tax, and basic financial information and ideas in a condensed, simple to understand manner.  This was done to educate the reader and allow the reader to obtain a general understanding of the key financial challenges and decisions they will face in their life’s journey.  The FinancialVerse does not receive any sponsorship or compensation from any of the organizations referenced on this website unless fully noted as a sponsoring organization.


References to specific tax regulations, dollar limits, or regulatory restrictions were current as of the time of publication or posting to the website.  As is the case in our fast moving world, things change. The reader should make sure they have the most current information before they chose to take action on a particular idea presented.


Before making any major financial decision or taking related financial actions it is suggested that the reader consult a qualified financial professional who has been licensed to provide this information, needed service, or sell the requested financial products.


This informational publication is designed to provide general information on the subjects covered.  Pursuant to Internal Revenue Circular 230, it is not, however, intended to provide specific legal or tax advice and cannot be used to avoid tax penalties or to promote, market, or recommend any tax plan or arrangement.  Please note that the FinancialVerse, its affiliated companies, and their representatives and employees do not give legal or tax advice.  As written in this book, the reader is encouraged to consult a tax advisor or attorney on these matters.


Thank you for visiting the FinancialVerse website and investing in your financial literacy.

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